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Patent Technology


The technology protected by national patents
The Xianzhilou's self-developed technologies in the ganoderma culture medium, the extraction technologies of the oil from ganoderma spores and coix seeds, the detection technologies for breaking rate of ganoderma spores, supercritical CO2(carbon dioxide)  extraction technology, decoction and the extraction technology for anti-cancer components in ganoderma spores have obtained national patent protection.

1. The Detection Technologies for Breaking Rate of Ganoderma Spores: The advanced breaking unit was introduced to break the Chinese medicine cells at room temperature by which the broken rate of spores could be high as 99%. The self-developed technology "The detection technologies for breaking rate of ganoderma spores" received the national patent certificate.(Patent No. ZL200810071866.6).

2. Supercritical CO2(carbon dioxide) Extraction Technology: CO2(Carbon dioxide) was used as the solvent under the supercritical conditions(31.3℃,  7.15MPa) to extract and isolate the active ingredients from materials. The solvent is non-hazardous and there is no undesirable residue left. The technology used by Xianzhilou combined the extraction and purification to one step which was environmentally friendly and maintained the product integrity and quality. The technology was under the 20-year-long national patent protection (Patent No. ZL201010203684.7).

3. Decoction and the Extraction Technology for Anti-Cancer Components in Ganoderma Spores: The self-developed technology in the formula and anti-tumor technologies of broken ganoderma spores, the oil extraction technology of anti-cancer component in ganoderma spores have obtained national patent protection(Patent No. ZL201310043010.9).

4. The Technology for Tea Bag of Ganoderma: The special tea bag technology maintains the fragrance and bitterness of G.lucidum (Patent No. ZL200710009206.0).