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Xianzhilou elected "China's most respected annual corporate brand"

2016-01-17 17:32:54    Source:Xianzhilou    Hit:3221
January 17, by the China Enterprise Confederation and Development jointly organized by Asia Television "2015 • China Entrepreneur Development Conference and Chinese brands Festival" held in Hong Kong, business leaders, government officials, experts and scholars, celebrities copolymer one, grand flourishing.

China Entrepreneurs Association is developing the strength, leadership entrepreneurs as the core, committed to meeting the needs of the entrepreneur development services. Annual meeting of "cooperation, development and responsibilities" as the theme, spanning many industries from financial services, logistics, automotive, pharmaceutical, real estate, IT, cultural industries.

The ceremony, Chinese Entrepreneurs Development Association Secretary-General Hou Xiang for everyone to do, "the 2015 report of the work of enterprises in 2016 and program of work." Hou Secretary-General, in the rate will continue adhering to the "everything for the entrepreneurs," a principle of service to carry forward the spirit of innovation, through the full integration of resources for entrepreneurs, service members, to promote the development of China's private economy contribute more.

After holding the awards ceremony in the Chinese brands, we have presented the "Top 500 Chinese brands", "China's most influential brand annual corporate people", "Chinese brands Person of the Year Award", "China's outstanding brand enterprise", "China's most respected brand enterprise annual Award", "Chinese enterprises Innovator Award" and other awards. Xianzhilou with "pure natural health dedication" brand positioning for the efforts and contributions made to the cause of human health, named "China's most respected annual corporate brand," Chairman Li Ye also elected "Chinese brands Innovator" .

In fact, the self-erected Xianzhilou has been dedicated to the cultivation and research of organic Ganoderma lucidum, as early as the beginning of the new millennium its fungus family had successfully entered the Hong Kong, Singapore and other places, and now, Xianzhilou involved in the Hong Kong market more than ten years after the two gains this award, visible Xianzhilou in international markets Ganoderma efforts and achievements have been widely recognized, its brand influence and competitiveness is also rising.