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Xianzhilou warmly welcome and major sites to exchange links

Links related matters Description:
1, do not accept the connection stations are: reactionary, pornographic, Trojans or malicious code and other illegal sites;
2, the link station must apply the requirements of baidu and google indexed properly;
3, please specify the details when applying for exchange site name, URL, and leave contact information, such as: QQ, E-mail;
4, who has been linked to this site, shall not appear cheat chain, chain secretly case, otherwise this site will be removed Guizhan link without notice;
5, to clean up this site will regularly check for the chain after a good domain name re-analysis to other sites who no longer will be a chain of cooperation and future;
6, if found not normally visit for a week (and not informed in advance), then immediately cancel the Links.

Contact information:
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