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Organic Cultivation

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Log-cultivation—one wood for one ganoderma
Xianzhilou has more than 20 years' imitative wild cultivation history from 1989. The cultivated strains were identified by Chinese Academy of Sciences. In order to harvest the ganoderma with good quality, the natural cut-logs were used as medium and the qualified spring water was used to irrigate.

Organic cultivation— biennium cultivation and triennium fallowness
All the organic plantation was designed to fit the GAP standard, the irritation water was tested to meet the request of irritation. The cultivation field was planted for years and fallowed for three years. Every piece of ganoderma was supplies by on piece of cut-log to assure the nutrient supply. There was absolutely no use of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, growth regulator, and transgenic technology during the cultivation. With manual weeding and deinsectization provided the safe and reliable products.
Xianzhilou constructed the whole procedure for organic cultivation to guarantee the high quality of ganoderma.